Monday, October 13, 2008

October 2008, #1

Happy Columbus Day

"Slightly Off Key"
by bulletin reporter, Bob R. Shoppe. Comments made by Mr. Shoppe are not necessarily those of the chapter or any other human beings on the planet.

If the Santa Maria had been equipped with a GPS, the banks in India would be closed today and the Knights of Columbus would be an organization for Hindu men.

Poll Results

You can see the results of our recent "clothing" poll above. Thanks to all who voted. The one "other" vote was for "duds".

Happy Birthday!

James Bouterse 10/15
Sherwood Davis 10/20
Rip Wilson 10/21
Gary Young 10/23

Golf Outing

On Friday, October 3, eleven chapter members participated in the first Chenoweth Golf Outing. Enjoying the 9 hole, best ball scramble were: Luke Frohnapfel, Ray Stone, Jim Heaton, Bud Couts, Jim Bishop, Rip Wilson, Dan Nichols, Jim Mally, Vic Estafen, Buzz Fraley, and Jim Regallis. After the golf, there was food, beverages and (surprise) singing. Luke's son joined in with everyone on " My Wild Irish Rose". There is talk of more golfing in the future, so stayed tuned.

Getting To Kn
ow Us

In the next couple of days, watch your email for a request for some background information about yourself. The information is for a feature in upcoming bulletin issues. If you haven't received this email by noon on Wednesday, Oct. 15th, contact the bulletin at

For 2009

The election of officers was held during the business meeting at our September 23rd rehearsal. Congratulations to all. The 2009 officers are:

President: Wil Veith
Executive VP: Vic Estafen

Secretary: Dan Nichols
Treasurer: Robin Reid
Delegate : Ray Stone

Program VP: Jerry Mason
Chapter Development VP: Jim Bishop
Music and Performance VP: Scott Giles
PR and Marketing VP: Stan Martin
Chorus Manager: Erik Salmons
Board Members at Large: Charlie Wilson, Ed Crosley, Bill Halter

The new officers will be installed at our annual December Business Meeting.

Recent Guests

Pictured below are Casey and Brian Stack, who were guests at a recent rehearsal. It's always good to see father and son singing together.


Congratulations to Dan Nichols for being chosen as Barbershopper of the Month for September. Dan may not be as big a part of the chapter in a physical sense anymore, but he certainly is when it comes to the giving of time and effort for chapter events.

Have You Heard This Song?

Here is a clip from a 1942 movie, featuring Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Marilyn Maxwell and everybody's favorites, Biff Morgan and his Cats. Those "Cats" could use some coaching from Kirk on the subject of facial expression.

The Songs We Sing

"The old songs, the old songs, those good old songs for me.....". The Old Songs was composed by Geoffrey O'Hara who was born in Ontario in 1882. O'Hara was a banker and a professional musician. He received an honorary doctorate of music from Huron College.

O'Hara composed songs for Al Jolson and Enrico Caruso. Two of his better known popular compositions are "K-K-K-Katy" and " Your Eyes Told Me So". He also composed many spirituals, including "There Is No Death" and "I Walked Today Where Jesus Is". It isn't known whether he wrote barbershop songs although he was the founder and first president of the Manhattan chapter.

"The Old Songs" is really the introduction to a more complete work of 14 pages, "A Little Close Harmony". It is a glee club type song with banjo and other instrumental background.

In the early days of our Society, Mr. O'Hara gave permission for us to use the introduction as our theme song.


If you want to hear this song, watch the following video. You might recognize some other songs too.

Watch for the next bulletin on Monday, October 27.