Monday, July 26, 2010

July, 2010, #2

In Memory Of Hal Moses

Last Tuesday, July 20, Harold "Hal" Moses passed away. Hal was a valued member of the baritone section, The Matinee Singers and the chorus. Most recently he sang with The Sounds Of Distinction quartet and over the years has contributed as an arranger and director. Even in recent times, when his health declined, Hal made the effort to attend and participate in rehearsals and performances. His ever-present smile will be greatly missed.

In addition to his barbershop activities, Hal had served as choir director for several area churches over a period of more than fifty years.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hal's wife, Janet and his family in this difficult time.


Singing For The Salvation Army In Wadsworth

We have become accustomed to lending our voices around the Red Kettle to raise money in December. On Saturday, July 17, we traveled to Wadsworth at the request of The Salvation Army as part of the 3 on 3 BBQ fund raiser. The crowd was very receptive as the chorus and Chapter quartets, Clear Choice and Gear Shiftin' provided an hour of barbershop songs. Some area restaurants were on hand for a contest to decide who had the best BBQ. Some of our members remained and sampled the offerings. From personal experience, I can say that they were all delicious. I'm just glad that they had "sample" servings available so that I could try each one and not overdo it.

Chorus Provides Spark For Aeros

Over 40 members of The Derbytown Chorus gathered at Canal Park on Tuesday, July 20 to sing The National Anthem prior to the game between the Aeros and The Altoona Curve. It was great to have such a large turn-out this year. If you couldn't be there, make a note to watch the schedule and join us next time.

During the ceremonial first pitch, , Tom Macko, represented our Chapter very we
ll with a mighty throw. We continued another tradition by leading the crowd in singing, Take Me Out To The Ballgame, during the seventh inning stretch.

As for the spark provided by our singing, the Aeros hit five home runs during the game and won by a final score of 10-3.



Since no Chapter member is having a birthday between today and the date of the next Bulletin edition, I have chosen to provide some information about Gracie Allen whose birthday is July 26. Just click on the "Gracie" link in the Hot Links section at the top right of the Bulletin page. There is also a video of Gracie Allen performing with her husband George Burns at the end of today's Bulletin post.


33rd Performance At Copley Circle

Yesterday, July 25, was the 33rd consecutive appearance of The Akron Derbytown Chorus as a part of the Copley Summer Concert Series. After some of the stormy weather that we had experienced lately, the evening turned out to be beautiful. Thanks go out to Charlie Horning, who among other things, is in charge of the weather for this event.

In addition to the chorus, Chapter quartets Clear Choice, The Summit Chordsmen, and Keyed Up entertained the very appreciative crowd. We always recognize many familiar faces in the audience (in addition to those to whom we are related) but there are also some new attendees every year that come out to hear some good old barbershop music.

Our featured guest quartets this year were 4-Way Stop and Prestige. Both quartets are from our own Johnny Appleseed District. 4-Way Stop was the 2009 District quartet champion and 2009 District collegiate quartet champion and Prestige captured the silver medal at the 2010 International Convention and Contest in Philadelphia earlier this month, just missing the Gold by the smallest of margins.

Both quartets wowed the audience with a variety of songs, proving beyond a doubt that you can be born after 1980 and sing exceptional four part close harmony.


Getting To Know Us

Click on the "Featured Chorus" link to visit the website of this issued spotlighted group of barbershoppers.



This video is a movie short from the early 30's that was based on one of Burns and Allen's vaudeville routines.

Now fast forward about 20 years to this clip from the Burns and Allen TV show from the 50's.

Monday, July 12, 2010

July, 2010, #1

2010 Convention Finale

I hope that the four special Convention issues of the Bulletin were informative. There were three items that were not included in those issues. Two because they occurred very late in our stay in Philadelphia and the other because I thought that it was important enough to be held back for a regular edition. So here is the Convention "wrap-up".

Darryl Flinn Inducted Into Barbershop HOF

On Saturday evening at the Convention, the Barbershop Hall of Fame inducted the 2010 class. Among those inducted was Darryl Flinn. Darryl has served both the Society and our District as an officer, judge, director and quartet singer. This contest also marked Darryl's retirement as a judge.

Currently Darryl is singing bass with the 2010 Bronze medalist quartet, Lightly Seasoned and is the director of The City of Flags Chorus in Canton.
Thank you to Darryl for his leadership and
contributions to barbershopping on both the international and local levels, and congratulations on this well-deserved honor.

Great "Swan Song" for Crossroads

As many of you may know, at the conclusion of the quartet finals, it is traditional to have the past Gold Medal quartet sing for the audience. This year, after doing their first two numbers, Crossroads brought out their wives, children and grandchildren and all participated vocally in the final number. It was a special moment for all those in attendance and a reminder how important all of our families are and how much we owe them for allowing us to participate in this wonderful hobby of ours.

July 4th in Philadelphia

Sue and I decided early on that we would stay one day longer so that we could experience the holiday in the historic setting of Philadelphia. It involved a change in hotels to get a reasonable rate and a bit of walking to get down to the Art Museum area, but it was worth it. The length of Benjamin Franklin Blvd. from 20th street to the Art museum was lined with concessions and booths of all kinds and by 8:00 in the evening there were hundreds of thousands of people. We listened to a free concert by The Roots and Goo Goo Dolls. No, they did not do a salute to barbershop. But it was good music and we enjoyed it along with the rest of the crowd. At 11:00 the spectacular fireworks display began from behind the Art Museum. Then it was a liesurely walk back to the hotel. We settled in for a good night's sleep so that we were ready to catch the train on Monday for our return to Ohio.



Kirk Roose-7/12
Dick Frank-7/21
Stan Haught-7/21


Things O. C. Cash Forgot To Tell Us

  1. The only reason our pitchpipes have 13 notes is some wiseguy (usually a bari) can "prove" that we dropped a half note.

  2. Contests: You gotta believe in luck. How else can we explain the success of those we don't like?

  3. I prefer poor voices to poor ears because sometimes they take a rest.

  4. Judges who think they know everything about barbershopping are very irritating to those of us who do.

  5. Stage Presence: If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.

  6. Our chapter named my last quartet "Sans Talent." We liked the name: it had a certain continental flavor to it.

  7. My friends suggested I find four other guys and form a quartet.

  8. The Devil: "Here's the deal. In exchange for the souls of all your children, and your children's children for the next five generations, I'll put you into an International Champion Quartet." Joe Barbershopper: "So what's the catch."

  9. At our last (not Previous) shot at quartet competition, one of the judges came up on stage and drew a white chalk outline around where we had stood.

  10. Hell is a half-filled auditorium.


Getting To Know Us

Check out the "Featured Chorus" link in the Hot Links section (upper right of the Bulletin page) and see what another chapter is up to.


Video Gallery

Gold Medal Quartet-Storm Front
(this video is about a year old but they did this in the quarter-finals in Philly)

Gold Medal Chorus-Westminster Chorus

Monday, July 5, 2010

Convention Extra-4

(Click on the collage to enlarge it)

Top Five Quartets

There will be more details about the late stages of the convention in the next regular Bulletin edition on July 12. I wanted to send the news about the medal winners in the quartet competition because it includes one of our own JAD quartets. Here is the list:

Gold Medal-Storm Front
Silver Medal-Old School
Bronze (1)-Ringmasters
Bronze (2)-Musical Island Boys
Bronze (3)- The Allies (JAD)


Mega Sing

About 1,000 barbershoppers gathered on The Independence Mall, in the shadow of The Liberty Bell on Saturday, 7/3. We sang many songs, but here is a video of the singing of The National Anthem.

Sue and I must leave soon for the 30th Street Station to catch the train home. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday night.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Convention Extra-3

(click on the collage to enlarge it)

Twenty-seven Choruses, One Is Golden

The chorus competition wrapped up at about 10:00 on Friday night. The variety of costumes, themes and the wonderful singing made for a great, but lengthy day of barbershop entertainment. The top five finishers are listed below with their total scores (out of a possible 3,000).

Gold-The Westminster Chorus: 2932
Silver-The Vocal Majority: 2913
Bronze(3)-The Northern Lights: 2822
Bronze(4)-Sound of The Rockies: 2769
Bronze(5)-Alexandria Harmonizers: 2680

As before, the complete score sheets for all the choruses are available online at BHS Home.

Note: The Alliance (JAD) finished 6th with a score of 2671. They were the final chorus to sing on Friday and received a standing ovation after their second number. Congratulations to The Alliance for an outstanding performance and for representing our District so well on the international level.


Mega Sing

At 12:30 on Saturday afternoon, over 1,000 barbershoppers (by my unofficial estimate) gathered near Independence Hall to sing. We did several PoleCats plus "Hello Mary Lou"and "God Bless America". The mass chorus was ably directed by Rick Spencer from his perch in the "bucket" of one of Philadelphia's fire trucks. The truck was provided at no charge by the city fire department. The Fire Chief even joined Rick and directed us in The Star Spangled Banner. As often happens, we concluded our singing with "Keep The Whole World Singing".


Derbytowners Enjoy Philadelphia

The picture below shows Ken and Sue Spencer and Robin and Carole Reid as they enjoy the sights, sounds and tasty foods at the Reading Market, which was conveniently located across the street from the Convention Center. The Market Building was once used by The Reading Railroad.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Convention Extra-2

And Then There Were Ten

The judges have now selected the top 10 quartets from the 20 groups that were competing in the semifinals. Congratulations to The Allies (JAD) (shown competing on the right) for making it to that lofty level. They will be vying with the other nine quartets in the finals on Saturday night.

It's Not All About Singing (but mostly)

We have taken some time away from the Convention Center to explore the wonderful city of Philadelphia. Here are a few pictures of what we have seen.

Below is the home of Betsy Ross.

We also visited the Liberty Bell location, which is undergoing some new construction.

The downtown area of Philadelphia is an interesting mix of modern and older archite

Note the "re
flection" photo below.

Bring On The Choruses

Friday morning at 10:00, the chorus competition will begin. There will be 27 of the Society's top groups going for the gold. Among them will be our own JAD choruses, The Alliance and The Southern Gateway Chorus. By the end of the day, we will know which groups came out on top.