Monday, August 24, 2009

August 2009, #2

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A Return To Progressive Field

Recently, the chapter was awarded 50 free tickets to the August 18th baseball game between the Indians and the Angels. Non-profit groups, such as ours, are chosen for this giveaway and our number came up. After reports threatening rain, the evening's weather turned out to be almost perfect. Those chorus members, wives and friends who were able to attend had a good time. Of course, this was not as exciting as the game earlier this summer when we sang The National Anthem. And even though the Tribe played hard, this time there were no ninth inning heroics and the home team lost, 5-4.

International Bulletin Contest-2009

The subsidiary P.R.O.B.E., (Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors) of the Barbershop Harmony has announced the 2009 International Bulletin Contest Winners. This contest is open to bulletins from all Chapters and Districts in the BHS. Bulletins are judged using four criteria: Design, Graphics, Grammar, and Style. In the past, awards were issued in two categories, online bulletins and print bulletins. This year, a third category, electronic bulletins, was added. This is the category in which our own Derbytown Chorus Bulletin competed.

The top three electronic bulletins were:

Bulletin; Chapter; District; Score

The SCORE; Fort Wayne, IN; CAR; 1563.4
In-Cider; Manhatten, KS; CSD; 1546
Upbeat; Hemet, CA ; FWD; 1365.75

And in 7th place;

The Derbytown Chorus Bulletin ; Akron. OH ; JAD; 1088.9

Participation in this contest provides a chance to see what other
bulletin editors are doing, and also get feedback from the judges about what we are doing well and how we can improve.

Getting To Know Us

The mystery chorus member whose bio appeared in the 8/10 bulletin was none other than our Chapter Secretary and Assistant Director, Dan Nichols

Barbershop Glossary

Chinese Seventh-a dominant seventh chord voiced with the fifth in the bass and the root and the seventh in the top two voices, the higher note being the root

Alternate Chinese Seventh-a chord that is tainted with lead. Note: How y
ou pronounce the last word of the previous sentence changes the definition.

Easybeat-a word used to group songs sung to a strict tempo, in a relaxed style.

Falsetto-the thin, upper range of the voice where only the extreme outer edges of the vocal folds vibrate.

Tonic Chord-a major
triad built on the key (or root) note of any given scale. In the key of C major, the tonic chord is C-E-G.

Vowel-a speec
h sound uttered with voice or whisper characterized by the resonance from the vocal cavities.

Chapter Officer Job Descriptions

Public Relations and Marketing VP-interpret the Chapter's goals in order to bring this message to the general public. Should be involved in the annual show, package shows, community activities, welcome extended to guests, the chapter's reputation in the community and relations with other chapters.

Board Member At Large- is responsible for reflecting the membership's needs and desires to the Board.

Delegate-serves as the Chapter's representative in the District House of Delegates. Provides a two way communication link between the Chapter and the District.

In the past three bulletin issues, all 11 Chapter Officer descriptions have been outlined. Look them over and give serious consideration to stepping up to be an officer for 2010. The nominating committee is putting together a slate of officers and looking at a tentative date of Tuesday, September 15 to take any nominations from the floor. This would be done during our regular business meeting. The final slate of officers will then be presented to the membership for voting at the next business meeting on Tuesday, September 22. The new officers will be installed at our annual December business meeting/holiday dinner.


Mike Halter 8/27
Mike Hoover 8/29
Frank LoPresti 9/4
Erik Salmons 9/8

The Songs We Sing

I Love You Truly/ A Perfect Day

Carrie Jacobs was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, in 1862 and experienced a number of misfortunes in her early life. Her father died when she was twelve.

Her husband, Dr. Frank Bond, died prematurely. A serious fall in 1895 left her an invalid with a young son. After a career attempt as an artist, she turned to songwriting to survive. Popular music publishers turned down her "art" songs, but she had early success with children's songs. To succeed as a songwriter she started her own publishing business, in a bedroom, financed by a song recital. Her first book, "Seven Songs," contained "I Love You Truly," a standard at weddings for many years, which survives today as a Valentine's Day ballad. Her most popular song was a huge hit in 1909, "A Perfect Day," selling five million copies. Carrie Jacobs-Bond received many awards and is recognized as an outstanding American woman composer. She retired to Hollywood and was interred at Fairlawn Court of Honor in 1946, following notables like the sculptor of Mt. Rushmore.

Chorus Performs At Summerville At Camelot Place

On Thursday, August 20, the chorus provided entertainment for "Italian Night" at Summerville at Camelot Place in Medina. Under the direction of Scott Giles and Dan Nichols, we performed many of our standard repertoire songs, with some minor changes. Who can forget "Goodbye My Sweet Italian Baby"? We joined with our audience to sing some real Italian songs,( "Arrivederci Roma", "That's Amore" and "Mona Lisa" ) with piano accompaniment provided by Jerry Mason. After we sang, our hosts provided us with Spumoni ice cream as an appropriate ending for the evening.

The 2009 International Collegiate Quartet Champions

The Vagrants

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 25: Melrose Chorus meeting and ice cream social. There is no regular chorus rehearsal at Holy Trinity on this night.

Tuesday, September 8: Annual Chapter Corn Roast

Saturday, October 17: JAD 2009 Fall Convention and Contest in Lima, OH