Monday, June 22, 2009

June, 2009 #2

Apple Corps
Music Camp
June 12-13, 2009

At last count, 15 members of the Derbytown Chorus attended this year's camp. As always, the classes were great, the food was plentiful and there were lots of opportunities to sing.

In addition to the chapter representation, another camp highlight was the attendance of our newest chapter quartet, Good Fourtune. Tenor, Charlie Wilson; Lead, Jim Wolfe; Bass, Luke Frohnapfel; and baritone, Jim Bishop came to camp for coaching and performed an excellent song for the big show on Saturday night. Check them out.

We also payed a visit to the apple tree that the chapter planted on the Kenyon College campus a few years ago. The tree, which is flourishing by the way, stands as a tribute to Ed Crosley and his years of effort and leadership related to Apple Corps.
(There is a larger picture of the tree at the end of today's issue)
If you have not attended one of these camps, or maybe have missed a few lately, start planning to be there next year. The pictures below show a little bit of this year's activities.

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Who was that guy?

The mystery chorus member from the June 8 bulletin issue was Bill Halter. Not surprisingly, his son Mike was the first to identify Bill.

(Note: We have exhausted all bio sheets, so unless more come in before the next bulletin issue (July 13) we will have to temporarily suspend the Getting To Know Us feature from the bulletin)


Chris Eitman 6/23
Charlie Horning 6/28
George Bachmann 7/1

Virgil Koppes 7/4
Larry Steele 7/4
Dan Nichols 7/7
Kirk Roose 7/12
Kurt Spenoso 7/12

Barbershop Glossary

Afterglow- Informal harmony singing after a performance usually at convention or prelims.

Downbeat- The first beat in a bar. (ok, insert your own joke here)

Inside Smile- A mental imagery concept that aids in lifting the upper lip away from the front teeth. It assists in extending the vocal tract, raising the soft palate and adds animation to the face.

Resonance- A body of air that vibrates. The singer attempts to control the 'containee' which holds the air, thus affecting quality

Up Beat- The last beat in the bar (No more jokes, please)

Copley Show

For the 32nd consecutive year, the Akron Derbytown Chorus and chapter quartets performed at Copley Circle as part of the Summer Music Festival. This year, special guests were Over Easy, the 6th place International Seniors quartet and 2009 JAD champs, Cadillac Jack. MC Tom Gentry kept the event flowing and the audience engaged, and the weather, as usual, was very pleasant.

Recent Guests

On Tuesday, June 16th, five guests were present at our rehearsal. In the picture below, Chapter Development VP Jim Bishop (right) introduces Jim Cleeland from the Salem Chapter. Jim had talked to several Akron members at Apple Corps and wanted to see what we were all about in person.

Below are pictures of the guests(from the right) David Breen, Jim Cleeland, Clifford Crocker,and Taylor and Victor Salmons, sons of Erik.

Congratulations to Doug and Mike

At our 6/16 rehearsal, member Doug Husser received his official membership documents. Doug (left) is shown below with Mike Hoover who received a Man of Note pin for bringing Doug into our chapter.

A Tag From James Estes
(Those who attended Apple Corps got to hang out with James)
(he's on the far left)