Monday, March 22, 2010

March 2010, #2

Another Opening, Another Show

Well, another successful show has come and gone. A magnificent job of planning and preparation by many chapter members and hours of work, both on and off the risers by the entire chorus, bore fruit once again. The audiences on Friday and Saturday were very enthusiastic and , by their applause, showed that they fully enjoyed the variety of presentations in this production. The chorus, all the Chapter quartets and of course our special guests, Bustin' Loose and Our Town appealed to those long time barbershop fans, and provided a fresh view of our hobby to audience members that were not sure what barbershop was all about. Also our MC, Tom Gentry, did a masterful job of keeping the show flowing from start to finish. How can we top this next year? Stay tuned.


What O. C. Cash Forgot To Tell Us

Advice to newly formed quartets; don't ask for requests. You'll never know it.

Advice to newly formed quartets; never challenge a heckler to come up and sing it better. He or she will.

Advice to newly formed quartets; a pitchpipe makes an excellent medium-range weapon.

Chorus progress is made on alternate meeting nights.

    The bass section: never needlessly disturb a thing at rest.

    The easiest way to find your misplaced pitchpipe is to buy a new one.

    No matter how many rooms in the headquarters hotel, the guy who starts up his car at 5 am is always parked under your window.

    Sound-judges will believe anything if you whisper it.

    Choruses who don't work at what they've learned from post-contest A & R sessions will repeat those mistakes. Those who do work at it will find other ways to err.

    Singing lead is as much attitude as it is technique.



David Breen 4/3
Oscar Fraley 4/12
Scott Giles 4/12


Getting To Know Us

Check the "Featured Chapter" link in the "Hot Links" list at the top right of this Bulletin page to visit this issue's group of barbershoppers.


Featured Video

Since the Gospel Chorus was a welcome addition to our annual show this year, it seems appropriate to feature a great gospel quartet in this issue. If these guys could only find a bass. (you'll see what I mean)


Guten "Tag"

Continuing in the Gospel music theme (Easter is approaching), here is a multi-tracked version of "The Old Rugged Cross".


Upcoming Events

Tuesday: March 23; Open House -7:30 ( Wear Red Chorus Shirts)

Saturday: April 10; JAD prelims-Chorus Contest-11:00am