Monday, July 5, 2010

Convention Extra-4

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Top Five Quartets

There will be more details about the late stages of the convention in the next regular Bulletin edition on July 12. I wanted to send the news about the medal winners in the quartet competition because it includes one of our own JAD quartets. Here is the list:

Gold Medal-Storm Front
Silver Medal-Old School
Bronze (1)-Ringmasters
Bronze (2)-Musical Island Boys
Bronze (3)- The Allies (JAD)


Mega Sing

About 1,000 barbershoppers gathered on The Independence Mall, in the shadow of The Liberty Bell on Saturday, 7/3. We sang many songs, but here is a video of the singing of The National Anthem.

Sue and I must leave soon for the 30th Street Station to catch the train home. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday night.