Sunday, June 19, 2011

June, 2011

Chapter Visitation

On Tuesday, May 31, the Akron Derbytown Chorus hosted members of The Schoenbrunn Valley Chorus at our regular rehearsal. As always, there was fellowship, singing and refreshments. The added fun of having more singers and new songs only added to the fun.

The Schoenbrunn Valley Chorus

How about a number by the combined choruses?

There was some quartet singing too.



Thanks to all from both chapters who helped to make this event a reality.


Talk About Your Vowel Sounds, Etc.

(thanks to Jim Mally for this submission)
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June Birthd

Paul Albert 6/3

Bob McCullough 6/7

Robin Reid 6/7

Bill Weddington 6/11

Ron Grumbling 6/12

Bill Halter 6/18

Chris Eitman 6/23

Cliff Crocker 6/25

Charlie Horning 6/28


One Of Akron's "Forgotten" Sons

On May 15, The Akron Beacon Journal published an article about the life and achievements of Akron-born lyricist, Grant Clarke (1891-1931). If you missed the article, you can see it by clicking on the "Grant Clarke Article" link in the Quick Connections list at the top left of the Bulletin page. It was written by Beacon Journal staff writer, Mark J. Price.

Perhaps due to his short time here on earth, Clarke's accomplishments are not widely known today. Along with writing lyrics for more than 100 songs, such as Second Hand Rose, Ragtime Cowboy Joe and Am I Blue?, he also collaborated with many famous composers, including Irving Berlin. In 1914, he became a charter member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

So, here is a performance of one of Grant Clarke's often-recorded songs.


Guests From Music City

Recently , you may have noticed two young gentlemen accompanying Chapter member Charlie Horning at rehearsals. These two singers are Charlie's grandsons, Matt and Tom McIntyre, who are visiting from Nashville, TN. Welcome Matt and Tom. It's great to have you sing with the chorus. In the picture below are (l to r) Matt, Charlie, Tom and brother and Chapter member Bob Horning.


Singing Mice?

While waiting in a doctor's office earlier this year, I read an article in the Smithsonian magazine that chronicled scientific investigation of sounds made by mice. Many of these sounds were above the range of human hearing, but there were instances where mice made audible sounds. Some scientists believe that the mice use these sounds to communicate much like the "songs" used by whales.

I have placed a "singing mouse" link in the Quick Connections list. This video shows a mouse that was genetically engineered to sing. I couldn't embed this video in the Bulletin like I usually do because the embed feature had been disabled for this clip.

I can't help but wonder how long it will be before we see the first all-rodent barbershop quartet.

(Feel free to mentally insert a joke about the quartet of your choice at this point)


Chapter Family Picnic

Just a quick reminder that the annual Chapter Family Picnic is being held this Saturday, June 25. More details can be found in the online Chapter Calendar. (see Quick Connections)