Monday, July 18, 2011

July, 2011

Congratulations To The Kansas City Champs

Collegiate Quartets

Gold Medalis

Our Own JAD Quartet


Silver-The Vigilantes
Bronze(1)-After Hours


Gold Medalist

Old School(MAD)

Silver-Musical Island Boys(NZABS
Bronze(2)-A Mighty Wind(DIX)
Bronze(3)-Main Street(SUN)


Gold Medalists

Masters Of Harmony(FWD)

Silver-Great Northern Union(LOL)
Bronze(1)-The Northern Lights(ONT)
Bronze(2)-Sound Of The Rockies(FWD)
Bronze(3)-Alexandria Harmonizers(MAD)

For more interesting information from the KC Convention, click on the BHS Home link here on the Bulletin page(for example, the difference between gold and silver in the chorus competition was .2 points) WOW!


Bill Trumpold Reaches Golden Milestone

If you have been reading the Harmonizer magazine carefully, you already know that, in the list of the latest 50 year Society members, was the name of Chapter tenor, Bill Trumpold. Congratulations to Bill for this outstanding achievement. Just think how many songs that Bill and others in this select group have sung. Bill is not alone in this honor within our Chapter. Here is the list of our "Golden Boys".

Bill Trumpold-50 years
James Bouterse-50 years
Oscar (Buzz) Fraley-53 years
John Rohal-60 years

Since I joined the Chapter when I was pushing 60, if I want to join
the 50 year club, I'll have to start taking better care of myself.


More Slides

The following four slides are from the 1969 Show. You will see the chorus and three quartets. The process I'm using to get these slides converted to digital form has been improved since I put some slides from the 1968 show in this year's May issue. There is still a problem on some slides with the very bright lights washing out the details in the middle of the picture.

If anyone can identify the quartets in these pictures, please contact me at the Bulletin email,


July Birthdays
(starting with this issue, I will include with each man's name, his years of Society membership)

7/1-George Bachmann (16)
7/4-Virgil Koppes (46)
7/4-Larry Steele (28)
7/7-Dan Nichols (24)
7/12-Kirk Roose (40)
7/18-J.C. Ward (1)
7/21-Dick Frank (42)
7/21-Stan Haught (18)
7/23-Gerald Borg (3)


150th Annual Aeros Performance
(I made that up)

Tomorrow night, July 19th, the Derbytown Chorus will be making the first of two appearances at Akron Aeros baseball games this summer. We are scheduled to sing The National Anthem before the game (we promise not to yodel it, just sing the notes as written) and Take Me Out To The Ballgame during the 7th inning stretch. Be there by 6:15. Game time is 7:00. Clothing for the evening is red chorus shirts and anything else that is visible to the public should be black. Hope to see you there.


Vintage Quartets

Since the International Convention and Competition, the BHS party of the year, just ended, lets take a look back and give a listen to some popular quartets that were entertaining folks when the only meaning for SPEBSQSA was that your toddler had been playing with the typewriter.

The Peerless Quartet

Most chorus members should recall this first song.

The Haydn Quartet

The Shannon Quartet

This is a different take on a PoleCat.


Copley Show Is Coming Soon

This Sunday, July 24th. We sing at 7:00. My editorial guess is that you should arrive by 6:15. We can check with Scott at the ballgame tomorrow to be sure.