Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 2011

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Tree Festival

In what is becoming a Derbytown Chorus tradition, we began our Holiday Season by singing at the John S. Knight Center as part of the annual Christmas Tree Festival.


Novice Quartet Contest

After a little work on some of our Christmas repertoire, we held our Chapter novice quartet contest. As always, this was a fun activity and gave singers a chance to enjoy the quartet experience, whether for the first time or the umpty-millionth time.

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Recent Guests
Our President, Jim Bishop, recently entertained three business associates at one of our rehearsals. Pictured with Jim, from left to right are: Maksim Marholin (Goodyear), Sandy Schottenheimer (Goodyear) and George Schottenheimer (Bridgestone). Maksim was visiting from Belarus and he must have enjoyed our singing because he came back to more than one additional rehearsal.


I Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle

A tip of the red derby to chorus member Mike Neff for sharing this video with The Bulletin.


Acapella (and more)Singing Around The World

We are all familiar with distinctly American forms of music, like jazz and of course barbershop. The world keeps getting smaller all the time and that helps to explain the appearance of American music around the globe. Here are some examples:

From Ireland

From Scotland


A Mighty Wind

If you haven't seen it yet, the website for this 4th place International quartet has been updated. Click on the "A Mighty Wind" link in the upper left of the Bulletin page to check it out. Thanks to Chapter member Mike Sitter for the 411 on this one.



Dave McPeek- 11/8
C.J. Cleeland- 11/15


Have A Happy Thanksgiving!